drawing in books is NOT a cosmic crime

i absolutely love your blog, its probably my favourite x
- suparich-kidz

Thank you oh myyyy ❤️

Put down 10 random facts about yourself and then pass this on to your favorite followers (-:
- fhauxie

1. I make friends easily but I actually have 0.
2. Oneday I hope to have many tumblr followers. Not so that I’m better than people but followers mean a lot to me, they are people in the world who like what I post.
3. Fav band is Die Antwoord
4. I hate how only black skinned Africans are advertised for world vision and for being poor. There are poor, miserable, hungry white Africans also.
5. I can never grow my nails long, no girl can I swear.
6. Sometimes I close my eyes and hold stuff and think hey, my eyes have shown me an allusion for 15yrs and this is actually a demon poop¿¿
7. People that send nudes to other people at school and aren’t even dating are the lowest kind
8. I hate pies and my dad asks me every weekend if I want a pie for lunch and can never remember if I like them or not.
9. I can’t wait to leave home and get a shitty job and live somewhere shitty and have an amazing boyfriend/husband.
10. I am on my back 1/3 of the day and it kinda makes me feel bad but oh well, I hate sport.




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